Summer Lawn Care: How to Keep Your Grass Green


Lawns are one of the best places in the home to have an entertaining moment and enjoy outdoors during the summer. Most times, busy schedules, traves and other things can leave some lawns in disrepair. So, in cases like this, listed below are some summer care tips that will help your lawn gain that extra bit of appeal this summer.

  1. Water Carefully

When the summer starts to heat up, this is the time your lawn will need extra attention. Your lawn will need about one inch of water each week. If you’re going through a heat wave, then imagine what your lawn that always outside feels. So, give your lawn extra water during this period.

  1. Mow, and mow often

Mowing is very important, but when doing this make sure you set your lawn mower blades as high as possible. It is also advisable that you mow regularly as thus prevent you from cutting more than one-third of the grass blades at once.

  1. Use grass clippings to your advantage

Use your mower to redistribute the cut grass across the lawn instead of bagging your grass clippings. This will give your additional lawn shade and also supply the soil with essential nutrients. Don’t also forget to mow often as longer clippings have the potential to smother existing grass.

  1. Avoid Fertilizing

Fertilizing is not a good idea when the temperatures are soaring. It is advisable to stay away from fertilizer during this period as the chemical in them can burn them since it is slow release. So, avoid fertilizing as any fresh growth that you get will struggle in the intense heat.

  1. Weeding

This is one of the stressful and least enjoying part of landscaping, but guess what? It must be done! Summer season is the best time to weed and since weed bloom and release seeds for next year during this period, it is the best to weed. Hand pulling weeds is the ideal option since it causes minimum stress to the lawn or chemical spray, but be sure that you use organic or non-harmful for your grass.