5 Tips For Safe and Legal Appliance Disposal


Electronic appliances are one of the things we can live without in this present technology-driven world.  They help make our lives and work easier and even more pleasurable. This leads to more pressure on this electronics and the environment as well, because with time some of these electronic goods are considered obsolete and abandoned. So, in cases like this, what happens to the redundant electronic appliance? The simple answer most owner will give – landfills. What many homeowners do not know is that most landfills refuse to accept larger appliances, making it harder for them to get rid of appliances like this. To even make things complicated, some appliances are governed by strict disposal regulations, and improper disposal can lead to serious legal consequences.

So, if you are still under on how you can dispose of your unwanted appliances, read on for some tips to ensure safe and legal appliance disposal:

  1. Create an Appliance Disposal Plan

The first thing you should think of when getting rid of household appliances is a disposal plan. You shouldn't be making things up as you go; so before you even remove your appliance, make sure you know where you will be dropping it if too, and the regulations govern its disposal.

  1. Practice Safe Removal Methods

Just as we stated earlier on, disposing of appliances, especially the large one can be dangerous, and this is why it is essential you call on professionals to avoid injury or damage to your property. The most important thing is to practice safety-first lifting techniques and be safe.

  1. Don’t Mess Around with Refrigerants

One of the most dangerous and heavily regulated chemicals found in home appliances are Refrigerants. So, if by any chance you are getting rid of old air conditioner, refrigerator, freezer,  dehumidifier, you need to be careful. Improper disposal of appliances like this can land you a big fine, and it's not good or safe for the environment also.

  1. Donate Gently Used Appliances

For appliances that are no longer working at all, disposal is the best solution in cases like this, but for appliances that are still functioning, then finding a new owner for it is advisable. There are local charity in need of appliances like this or sell to secondhand stores.

  1. Make Things Easy: Call the JUNKDOWGS!

If you are looking for a safe, fast and convenience junk removal service, then calling experts JUNKDOWGS is the best option to help you pick up and dispose of all types of appliances. This includes large appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, stoves, washers, dryers, and other home electronics.


Summer Lawn Care: How to Keep Your Grass Green


Lawns are one of the best places in the home to have an entertaining moment and enjoy outdoors during the summer. Most times, busy schedules, traves and other things can leave some lawns in disrepair. So, in cases like this, listed below are some summer care tips that will help your lawn gain that extra bit of appeal this summer.

  1. Water Carefully

When the summer starts to heat up, this is the time your lawn will need extra attention. Your lawn will need about one inch of water each week. If you're going through a heat wave, then imagine what your lawn that always outside feels. So, give your lawn extra water during this period.

  1. Mow, and mow often

Mowing is very important, but when doing this make sure you set your lawn mower blades as high as possible. It is also advisable that you mow regularly as thus prevent you from cutting more than one-third of the grass blades at once.

  1. Use grass clippings to your advantage

Use your mower to redistribute the cut grass across the lawn instead of bagging your grass clippings. This will give your additional lawn shade and also supply the soil with essential nutrients. Don’t also forget to mow often as longer clippings have the potential to smother existing grass.

  1. Avoid Fertilizing

Fertilizing is not a good idea when the temperatures are soaring. It is advisable to stay away from fertilizer during this period as the chemical in them can burn them since it is slow release. So, avoid fertilizing as any fresh growth that you get will struggle in the intense heat.

  1. Weeding

This is one of the stressful and least enjoying part of landscaping, but guess what? It must be done! Summer season is the best time to weed and since weed bloom and release seeds for next year during this period, it is the best to weed. Hand pulling weeds is the ideal option since it causes minimum stress to the lawn or chemical spray, but be sure that you use organic or non-harmful for your grass.

Toxins To Watch Out For In Your New Home


There is no place like home – home is where we all return to at the end of a long day, home is where we feel warm, a sanctuary that rejuvenates before facing the world. It's no brainer that we all want this place to be peaceful, safe, and free from harmful toxins. You get home spray some air freshener to freshen up and change the scent of your home, and then you calmly take a deep breath to inhale the fresh scent only for you to take in some volatile organic compounds (VOCs) without knowing. Unfortunately, VOCs are substances that can irritate your eyes, throat, and nose, damage your central nervous system leading to carcinogenic.

According to research by the World Health Organization in 2010 shows that 3.8 million premature deaths every year from noncommunicable diseases like lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, and stroke, are caused by household air pollution. So, if you want to know the toxins you should get rid of in your home today, read on:

  1. Asbestos

If you have a home or moving to a home that was built between 1930 and 1980, then you need to be aware of potential health risk that is related to asbestos exposure. Asbestos widely used in construction throughout the United States and inhaling asbestos fibers may lead to the lining of the lungs, heart, and mesothelioma.

  1. Radon

According to U.S. Surgeon General’s Office, their study shows that Radon as caused about 20,000 lung cancer deaths each year. Radon is an odorless, tasteless and invisible gas that is caused by the breakdown of uranium in the soil. About 15 homes in the United States is estimated to have radon levels, so if yours is part of them then contact your state’s radon office for a solution.

  1. Mold

Mold is common, and a lot of people are sensitive to it. Mold can cause coughing, throat irritation, wheezing, nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, and in some cases cause skin irritation. According to Ann Shippy, M.D., an environmental toxicity expert, says "timing is everything when it comes to mold because the sooner you catch it, the easier it is to fix." "You have to open up walls, roofs, and spaces to get it out."

  1. Dust Mites

You will probably clean wash everything you have in your home after reading this. According to CDC researchers “fecal pellets deposited by the mites accumulated in home fabrics and could become airborne via domestic activities such as vacuuming and dusting, resulting in inhalation by the inhabitants of the home." Dust mites are tiny and bare eyes can see them, but as tiny as they are, they can cause you a lot of problems. Your mattress alone can hold anywhere from 100,000 to more than one million mites, as they feed off your dead skin.

  1. Lead

Lead is another dangerous toxin that can be found n homes, especially the ones built around 1978. Places where leads can be found in windows, stairs, railings, banisters, window sills, doors, door frames, and porches, making them vital places to inspect.



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  1. Systematized Junk Removal

You don’t have to join us in packing when you hire us; all you have to do is to sit down at your comfort, point out where the junk is, and we will do the rest for you. We will come to your place, pack out the junk and take it away for proper disposal. We have the industry latest tools making it easy to serve the purpose very well.

  1. Safety for Environment

We are always committed about one thing, and that is having nature. Whatever junks you want to get rid of, we have expertise in sorting it out properly without any hassle. You don’t have to visit the recycling center anymore once your hire our service. We will help you get rid of the debris and old stuff promptly.

  1. Accurate Disposal of Recyclables

Just as we stated earlier on, doing your junk removal can be dangerous, and it also cost you a lot of time you can invest in something else. It is time consuming trying to sort out recyclable wastes. When you hire out service, we will deal with the recyclable junk meticulously as we know you don’t want to spend your weekend doing just that. We would accurately seek the recyclable material and compile them for recycling.

  1. Save Time and Money

To round it up, when you hire out service at Junkdowgs we would do the job of collection of waste to proper disposal at the facility for you. This means you will be free to do other things without having to pack your junks and driving down to the disposal center or landfill for dumping the waste; saving you time and fuel expenses.

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