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5 Tips For Safe and Legal Appliance Disposal

Electronic appliances are one of the things we can live without in this present technology-driven world.  They help make our lives and work easier and even more pleasurable. This leads to more pressure on this electronics and the environment as well, because with time some of these electronic goods are considered obsolete and abandoned. So,

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Toxins To Watch Out For In Your New Home

There is no place like home – home is where we all return to at the end of a long day, home is where we feel warm, a sanctuary that rejuvenates before facing the world. It’s no brainer that we all want this place to be peaceful, safe, and free from harmful toxins. You get

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Nearly everyone wants to get rid of something, either at home or places of work and this is where Junkdowgs comes in. If you have junks in your garage, office, basement, backyard, or anywhere, why don’t you contact us today to help? We can help remove your old appliances, furniture, belongings, debris, and almost anything

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