Do You Have Problems With Overflow Trash in the Raleigh, NC Area?

Do You Have Problems With Overflow Trash in the Raleigh, NC Area?

Junk Dowgs Offers Overflow Trash Pickup, Furniture Removal, Appliance Removal & More

Usually a resident can count on the city to collect the trash, but sometimes the junk can overflow and cause a disaster. Make sure that any junk spilling out from trash carts doesn't dirty up your morning. Don't wait until the city shows up because it may be too much for them to handle, call Junk Dowgs for all trash overflow problems. We'll clean up any junk that may get in the way of your life.

Our city does a lot for us, but sometimes you may need help in these bulk pickup situations. Call today if any of these everyday items are cluttering up your life.

•Mattresses: Most cities won't pick these up since there so bulky for one guy to handle
•Appliances: Don't let a broken appliance clutter up your Tuesday morning, we'll pick it up immediately when no else can
•Furniture: Did you just get a new couch, but couldn't find any use for the old one, we'll get it cleaned up from your driveway and keep your yard looking pretty
•Cardboard: Moving can be difficult and may leave you with a large amount of boxes, Junk Dowgs will clear them out so you can settle down in your new home

We can help you collect those pesky items that are just too big to be normally give Junk Dowgs of Raleigh, NC a call today.